Show Me The Meaning Of Being LonelyLyrics:Max Martin Music:Herbert CrichlowShow me the meaning of being 結婚lonelySo many words for the broken heartIt's hard to see in a crimson loveSo hard to breatheWalk with 西裝外套me, and maybeNights of light so soon becomeWild and free I could feel the sunYour every wish will be 關鍵字廣告doneThey tell me ...Show me the meaning of being lonelyIs this the feeling I need to walk withTell me why 買屋網I can't be there where you areThere's something missing in my heartLife goes on as it never 辦公室出租endsEyes of stone observe the trendsThey never say forever gazeGuilty roads to an endless loveThere's 酒店兼職no controlAre you with me nowYour every wish will be doneThey tell meThere's nowhere to run I have no 裝潢place to goSurrender my heart, body and soulHow can it be you're asking me to feelthe things you never 濾桶showYou are missing in my heartTell me why I can't be there where you are 轉載來自 ※ 魔宜蘭民宿鏡歌詞網

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